In a small town in Africa, two friends Kwesi and Niko become entangled in the world of internet theft. When a local criminal takes them under his wing the two friends must now find their way to redemption or risk being trapped in the cycle of crime.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most fearlessly bold African films ever made.  Viewers are transported to the heart of Africa into the urban decay of Yaounde, Cameroun.

Two friends, Niko & Kwesi begin a journey of self discovery as they navigate the twists and turns of an unkind world. Scam République is stuffed with brutal realism, and insight into that age old question: What level of depravity will men venture for profit? Director Marco Matheus, has made a classic.

In Scam République, you have a story birthed in the heart of Africa. The film blends thematic elements unique to the regions sensitivities.The Score of the film drives the action, the music is visceral and can be heard from the streets of Yaounde to the furthest corners of the African Continent. Scam République is an open invitation to enter a world of beauty and culture unknown to western audiences.